From solving the problems of inefficient dusty solar mirrors and unstable transmission access roads to ash tailings and windmill slope erosion, Soilworks is known for its dependable ability to solve difficult soil stabilization and dust control challenges. We provide our expertise to the world’s leading traditional and alternative energy organizations.

What’s the biggest threat to photovoltaic panels?

Dust. The accumulation of dust particles on the panels can greatly reduce the efficiency of the panels. In fact, one study showed that accumulated dust on the surface of photovoltaic solar panels could reduce a system’s efficiency by up to 50 percent.

Energy Solutions In Action

Solar Field Dust Control Capping

Unpaved Dirt and Gravel Road Dust Suppression

Stockpile Dust Control Capping

Bottom Ash & Fly Ash Dust Suppression Capping

Energy Plant, Substation and Access Road Soil Stabilization

Electrical Transmission Line & Wind Farm Erosion Control


Dust control plays a large role in the efficient production of solar energy. In fact, accumulated dust on the surface of photovoltaic solar panels can reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 50 percent. Soilworks products can keep productivity up by keeping dust down.

Wind Turbine

Slope erosion can be a major concern for alternative energy companies if they’re not controlling the rate of erosion with Soilworks products. Mitigating slope erosion is possible if soils are properly treated and maintained. Our soil stabilization experts can help.


The stability of access roads for transmission lines can be the difference between a city having power or not. If technicians can’t access transmission lines via stable, predictable road conditions, the ability to maintain and repair transmission lines becomes much harder.


With coal generating >40% of all U.S. electricity alone, controlling dust from its ash is paramount to air quality and worker safety. Soilworks daily job is to improve coal fired power plants and their working conditions through the use of our industry leading dust control and soil stabilization solutions.