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Gorilla-Snot® Product Information and available downloads

Items on our downloads page are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view and print. If you do not have Adobe Reader it is available as a free download.

Product Information
 TitleNo. PagesFile size
Gorilla-Snot Letter of Introduction1150 kb
Gorilla-Snot Applications & Use Examples1645 kb
Gorilla-Snot Standard Application Coverage Rates172 kb
Gorilla-Snot Unique Product Advantages1186 kb
Gorilla-Snot Frequently Asked Questions164 kb
Gorilla-Snot Standard Container & Shipping Options1537 kb
Gorilla-Snot Application Equipment Examples1367 kb
Gorilla-Snot Price Schedule1282 kb
Gorilla-Snot Topical Traffic Area Application Overview166 kb
Gorilla-Snot Topical non-Traffic & Slope Area Application Overview166 kb
Gorilla-Snot Material Safety Data Sheet478 kb
Testing and Evaluations
 TitleNo. PagesFile size
U.S. Army Dust Control Field Handbook702.54 mb
U.S. Air Force Chemical Dust Control for Contingency Roads, Base Camps, Helipads, and Airfields14271 kb
U.S. Marine Corps Dust Abatement Handbook811.88 mb
Dust Abatement Program201.72 mb
Approvals and Recommendations
 TitleNo. PagesFile size
Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Award Notice to Soilworks, LLC from Pima County Arizona167 kb
Articles and Media
 TitleNo. PagesFile size
Gorilla Snot is Green - E.V. Williams Newsletter21.19 mb
Up and Out of the Brownout6418 kb
Dust to Dust4128 kb
Jingili on track for world class circuit144 kb
 TitleNo. PagesFile size
Terms & Conditions119kb
Miscellaneous Related Documents
 TitleNo. PagesFile size
Soilworks Metals and Awards1365 kb
Soilworks USDA Dust Palliative Selection and Application Guide23198 kb