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Product Description

Gorilla-Snot® is a polymer-based emulsion used primarily to stabilize all soils from dust and erosion. It is specifically engineered for ease of use for large commercial projects down to smaller applications. It can be as simple to apply as watering the ground. Furthermore, Gorilla-Snot® is designed to work its way down into the soil to maximize the penetration depth. The result is a thicker protective barrier with a more rigid and stable base. Once cured, Gorilla-Snot® becomes completely transparent, leaving the natural landscape to appear untouched. Gorilla-Snot® results are based on the application rate used. Modest applications can create a light temporary surface crust that is permeable by water and is useful for dust control needs. On the other hand, heavy applications can generate results similar to the qualities of cement. Most importantly, Gorilla-Snot® is a truly biodegradable product that is completely environmentally safe to use.

Product Advantages

Dries Flexible


Simple and Easy to Apply

Dries Transparent/Clear

Dries Completely Odorless

Non-Flammable & Non-Volatile


Non-Corrosive & Safe for All Equipment

Non-Slippery & Safe to Walk and Drive on

Non-Regulated for Transportation (Land/Ocean/Air)

Ecologically & Environmentally Safe

Cumulative Effect with Maintenance

Dyes & Pigments can be Added
for Color

Human, Animal, Marine Life and
Vegetation Safe

Water Resistant (will not break down with water)

Non-Tracking & Non-Transferable (will not be picked up onto vehicles)

Non-Leaching (will not continue to seep into the soil)

Ultraviolet Ray Resistant (will not break down in sunlight)

Non-Dissipating (will not wash away with water or rain once cured)

Alkaline Soil Resistant (will not break down in alkaline soils)

Self Mixes with Water for Diluting (prior to applying to the soil)

PM10 & PM2.5 Compliant (Stops dust particles of 2.5+ microns in size)