Specification Assistance

Soilworks exists today because we believe in bringing integrity and performance to the dust control and soil stabilization industry. Our products have been rigorously evaluated and their performance continually verified by the U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) against the industry’s traditional top performing soil stabilizers and dust control agents. Soilworks solutions were all developed in the lab and proven in the field, meaning every product, no matter when it’s ordered, will perform exactly the same as the last time you used it.

We set the standards in the dust control industry

There are no pitfalls to watch out for with our products, no environmental fallout to worry about when applying. That means no spoiled by-products, no leeching with the rain and no inconsistent performance. We can support consulting engineers and owners to create specifications for their projects to ensure the products they specify meet their expectations and solve their specific challenges.


Best Performing Products

We make sure the products you order are the products you get – without the collateral effects typical to the industry. When you work with Soilworks products, you’re working with the industry’s best performing, most reliable dust control and soil stabilization solutions available in the world today.