Evaluation of Application Methods and Products for Mitigating Dust for Lines-of-Communication and Base Camp Operations

John F. Rushing, J. Andrew Harrison, Jeb S. Tingle
Engineer Research and Development Center; Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory; US Army Corp of Engineers; U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command

The purpose of this report is to present results from the evaluation of methods for mitigating dust on unpaved roads subjected to lightweight truck traffic in sustainment applications. A sustainment application, as defined in this experiment, is a dust abatement material or method that is designed for long-term use during sustained military operations. The application of dust palliatives for sustainment missions assumes that construction equipment will be available in the theater of operations. The dust abatement materials and application methods must effectively control dust for at least 90 days. This report includes the evaluation of commercially available and experimental dust palliatives, as well as the evaluation of alternative methods for applying the products.

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