Valley of the Kings Luxor Egypt Site Management Master Plan

Dr. Kent R. Weeks, Nigel J. Hetherington, Editor: Lucy T. Jones
Supreme Council of Antiquities; Theban Mapping Project; World Monuments Fund

The Valley of the Kings has been the focus of attention of scholars, tourists, vandals, and thieves for over 3,000 years. Today, after centuries of damage and looting, the Valley is facing a severe challenge: unless swift, radical, and all-encompassing action is taken, we may see the destruction of the site within the next 25 years. The nature of the threats is two-fold: there are natural threats including flooding, geological instability, and environmental changes, but the most serious problems come from human activity. The popularity of KV and the sheer number of visitors has resulted in a myriad of problems that include damage to the fabric of the site, the destruction of tomb interiors, and aesthetic pollution due to intrusive tourist facilities and ill-chosen flood protection measures. These problems are likely to become even more acute over the next few decades, as the number of visitors coming to KV rises.

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