Road Dust Management and Future Needs

F. David Zanetell, P.E., Director of Project Delivery
Central Federal Lands Highway Div; Federal Lands Highway; U.S. DOT - Fed Highways Admin

This report provides information to anyone interested in mitigating dust from unpaved roads. While unpaved roads provide important linkages in the overall road network, the dust created from these surfaces creates environmental challenges. Although considerable experimentation on a variety of chemical additives has been carried out in the last 70 years, chemical dust control & unsealed-road stabilization has not progressed to the point that road authorities can implement wide-scale programs with confidence. This report presents the proceedings from the first road dust management conference where issues, road dust best management practices, knowledge gaps, research needs, barriers to implementation, and identification of future needs were discussed. Given the volume of road dust that is generated from the unpaved road network, a cooperative and sustainable mitigation plan is needed. These proceedings serve to bring together stakeholders involved in, or affected by, the road dust issue.

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